RouletteBetter - Odds Calculator and Betting Strategies for Roulette App Reviews

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Easy to use and does what it says

Simple and complete. Does exactly what it says it does. Also, has enough customization to be able to get as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Great job!

good app!

Very good and simple app! It have a lot of options for a deep customization.Very simple, advised to all the lovers of statistics and roulettes game! You cant use it on Casinò, but you can use it on virtual roulette for fun! I am satisfied with this app!

NOT a roulette game!

Im not going to rate this terribly because it may attempt to provide some kind of betting strategy at roulette, as if that would be really helpful. However, it is most certainly NOT a roulette game, so be careful. Its fairly pricey; and I dont want others to be caught in the same situation I am. This is some kind of "system" tool that attempts to advise on the best strategy for playing roulette based on recent results. Unbalanced wheel issues, I suppose, might produce some kind of predictable results statistically; but other than that, I really cannot think of how I would use this.

It gives you an advantage

I live close to Atlantic city I play rapid roulette I honestly can say I get the edge while using the app Ive won more times then losses to be honest I really only loss when I stopped using my system in regards to online it helps but online casinos cheat Ive seen times when a dozen hasnt come out twenty times or more but this only happens when Im playing the system I use the casino software learns your play & goes into kill mode well worth the cost its better then roulette sniper

Works more often than not!

This app seems to work for me. However if you can allow the use of at least 3 or 4 tables history and allow to toggle between these eg. Table 1,2,3 etc. Because I play more than one table at a time.

Good app

This app is great if you want to sit at one of those new electronic roulette tables at the casino. It keeps you playing for a long time; I sat with $100 for 6 hours with a $3 minimum bet. You will NOT win big when playing along with this app. You prolong table time. One suggestion though... A wheel tracker which shows the most frequent numbers to play. This app is worth itself in comps!!

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